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April 11, 2011
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    There was no way for Kagome to compare herself to Kikyo. Not after of what she saw between with her and Inuyasha. Every since then, she has been feeling left out from Inuyasha's sight. She is afraid that if he sees him, then things might not go as well as before. The way that he was having Kikyo into his arms, it made clear to Kagome that, she meant nothing to Inuyasha. She wanted to prove to him that she is more then just a strange girl who almost looks like Kikyo.
But the only thing she is really good for is helping him finding the Jewel Shards. Maybe that is all she is too him. A person who just happens to have the same appearance and the same ability as the Priestess did fifty years ago. She placed a hand over her heart. Kagome can still feel her heart ripping into two. A tear was slipping away.
Why do I care anyway? she asked herself. After all, Inuyasha means nothing to me. But still...why do I feel this way? As if something is telling me that I should make up with him?
She started to get up and took a little stroll. She came at the well. The well which connects her world to Inuyasha's. It was because of this well, that she was able to meet him. She wanted to make up with him, but she couldn't. She knows that there is nothing for her to make up with. Kagome started to walk away from the well before she got the idea of going back.
Inuyasha watched her from a far, thinking about before. About how Kagome was acting with him. The way that she looked at him, she was broken. But he knows that he has made up his mind of who he wants to be with. And it was Kikyo. But why does he feel as though, something is telling him differently? As if something was stopping him from making a mistake.
Suddenly, a staff whacked onto Inuyasha's head. "What did you do that for, Mirkou?" Inuyasha muttered as a bump began to grew onto his head.
"You're such a hothead!" a little fox demon name Shippo said as he was jumping up and down. "Go and make up with Kagome."
Inuyasha gave a glare to Shippo. The next thing Shippo knew, Inuyasha cluber him onto his head. "I have already made up my mind." he muttered. Mirkou glanced at him. "Its just for the best."
"I see. If any case, I think you should still go see her. Just to tell her." Mirkou suggested as he was walking away with Shippo.
Inuyasha narrowed his eyes. Mirkou was probably right about seeing Kagome. He walked to where she was the last time. As soon as he was there, she wasn't.
He started to look around some more. Soon, after a couple of strolls, he was able to find her. She was sitting near a river bank, having her legs up in her ams. Looking sadder then ever. Inuyasha was hesitating to go near her. He wanted to talk to her, but on the other hand, he just can't.
"Its alright, Inuyasha." she started. Inuyasha perked up. "I know of what your about to say. That you prefer Kikyo rather then me."
She took the words right out of his mouth. But he was having second thought about it. "Kagome I-" he couldn't get anything out. He wanted too, but just couldn't.
"I understand, Inuyasha. You and Kikyo still have this bond that bounds you together." Kagome explained.
"Kagome," he whispered.
It was hard for Kagome to talk to him like this. Her heart was still ripping. She was beginning to lose him even more. Suddenly, something strange was happening. Inuyasha sat down next to her, forcing her to come to him. He was squeezing her hard. She started to blush. Her heart was thumping again.
"In-Inuyasha?" she asked confused.
"I...Please don't go." he muttered. Kagome's eyes widen by his voice. "I need you. And its not only because for the Jewels, but just for me."
"But you and Kikyo..."
"Its true, there will be a bond that will never separate us, and maybe she will never understand that." His voice was becoming more weaker and more softer. "But your here, and that's what matters."
She felt so stupid. She hid her face into his hug. He felt so warm and understanding. He started to see the truth. And maybe he has moved on even though he doesn't want too.
Inuyasha parted away from her. Her eyes were shaking with confused. He felt drawn to her. He placed a hand against the edge of her cheek. She was feeling the same thing. She knew she could never stay mad at him or be away from him. Cause she loves him to much to do so.
Her lips they weren't cold or felt dead. They were alive and warm. To Inuyasha, it felt as though he was still with Kikyo though. But sooner or later, she will be erase from his memories. Cause now the only thing that is keeping him whole is Kagome.
They parted from each other. Kagome looked deeply into his eyes. She took her hand and placed it onto his cheek. His eyes were changing. He meant of what he had just said. Kagome gave a light grin. She was grateful now. She leaned against Inuyasha as she closed her eyes.
"Inuyasha," he looked down at her. "I love you."
His heart began to race with joy. He gave a smile and he came in a little closer. "I love you too, Kagome."
The rest of the day, they did nothing but sat underneath of a shady tree and having the wind blown. They were happy of being in each others arms.
As the sunset, a human was walking past the village. She was walking through the forest of near where both Inuyasha and Kagome were. She looked up and saw Inuyasha of how happy he was. As Kikyo left, her heart was growing more and more darker. But for Inuyasha and Kagome, their hearts filled with light and joy.
I was watching a Inuyasha episode earlier today (episode 23) and it just came to mind. I just wanted to do a little short story for that episode.

This is a InuKag story. So enjoy, InuKag fans. ^__^

Boy meets girl
You were my dream,my world
But i was blind
You cheated on me from behind
So on my own
I feel so all alone
Though I know it's true
I'm still in love with you

I need a miracle
I wanna be your girl
Give me a chance to see
That you are made for me
I need a miracle
Please let me be your girl
One day you'll see it can happen to me
I need a miracle
I wanna be your girl
Give me a chance to see
That you are made for me
I need a miracle
Please let me be your girl
One day you'll see it can happen to me
It can happen to me
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