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April 25, 2011
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   It was a peaceful night, a night which the wind was blowing through the trees. And yet, he has to hide from his enemies since he can't be seen looking like this. A being who isn't human but is tonight. Cause tonight is a new moon for him. Inuyasha wasn't in his half demon form. Instead, he was in his human form. On nights such as this, he looses his demon powers because of the power of the new moon.
Inuyasha with his dark human hair and not be able to be seen by any of his enemies. Especially dealing with a demon name Naraku. If he were to find out about Inuyasha's secret, then he will take advantage on this kind of night and destroy Inuayasha with his weakness. If he wasn't in his human form, Inuyasha could be looking for Naraku right about now.
Inuyasha hated when he becomes a human. Cause then he won't be able to fight off until the sun rises the next morning. Only a hand full of people knows about his secret. His friends. They are the only ones who know about his secret.
A girl name Kagome was sitting next to him having her eyes narrowed away from him. She knows that Inuyasha is being unease about this, just because he can't go anywhere. Every now and then Inuyasha would be too anxious about it and start shaken one of his legs. Kagome glanced at him seeing as though he was getting more anxious by the minute.
Inuyasha noticed that Kaogme was looking at him. "Will ya stop looking at me like that?" he asked, annoyed.
"Your the one to talk." Kagome said with a frown. "You keep on moving your leg up and down like that."
Then he realized of what she was saying. He took his palm and held it down onto his leg to make it stop shake. "Grr, I hate these nights." he muttered, disappointed. Kagome glanced at him. "Makes me like a weakling. I can't wait until I become a full demon."
Kagome narrowed her eyes away. When he's a demon, will he still remember me? Or anyone else? she thought to herself. "Hey Inuyasha..."
"Yeah, what is it?" he asked.
She was hesitating. Knowing him, he probably won't answer fully but she will try. "So I take it there's nothing for me to change your mind about not becoming a full demon then?" she muttered softly. She didn't want to lose him.
Inuyasha looked at her. Her eyes were becoming worried just by thinking about him becoming a horrify demon. Inuyasha stuck his noise in the air. "Huh. Don't tell me your still on that. I am becoming a demon. I've already made up my mind."
"What's wrong with you being right now?" she asked. "I don't mind. And neither does everyone else. Look of how many friends you've made just because your a half demon."
"Whatever. You can't change my mind about this. No one can."
"But will you remember us?" she was hesitating on asking it. Inuyasha glanced at her. "Cause what if the demon takes control of you and you start on killing people one by one? Then maybe I..." she couldn't finish. She didn't want to finish.
Inuyasha squinted his eyes. The way that she was talking about it, sounded like she was scared. Scared of loosing him. Just by trying and explaining it to him, her heart was beginning to feel the pain.
"Look, I am going to become a demon, but I am still gong to be the same guy as I am right now." Inuyasha explain. Kagome looked at him. "So you don't have to worry about it."
"How could I not?" she muttered. "I am still worried, everyday when your battling with the Tetsusaiga, it worries me that you might lose grip of it again and then your demon side will let lose."
"Heh. Your worried about that?" he said.
"Well yeah, I mean, aren't you?" she asked.
"Nope. Not one bit." Kagome gave a light smile. She knows he's worried as well, he just doesn't want to show it.
Kagome came closer to Inuyasha. He looked down seeing as though she was leaning against him. Having her eyes closed. He gave a grin. But I will stay like this for a little while longer for you, Kagome. He thought to himself.
As the night was starting to pass on, both of them didn't noticed until morning had come. When they did, Inuyasha was back to his original half demon form. Still having Kagome by his side until the day comes when he becomes a full flesh demon.
Here's another InuKag story. Another one when Inuyasha is a human.

Enjoy InuKag fans. ^_^