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April 19, 2011
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   Inuyasha wasn't acting like himself anymore. He wasn't his half demon form anymore. His eyes were beginning to change into something else. They were bright red and his fangs, along with his fingernails, were getting longer and more sharper. Inuyasha was battling with his older brother Sesshomaru. He let lose of his sword Tetsusaiga which brought out of his demon form. He was becoming more dangerous by the minute.
Without him holding the sword, his demon side will increase making him more demon like. With his friends surrounding him, are becoming more worried and more concern for him. Mainly with Kagome. Her eyes begins to shake with the sight of him acting like this. She wants to help him, but every time when she gets near him, she is afraid that he might attack her.
But she has to try. "Interesting, little brother." all four of them looked at Sesshomaru who was glaring at Inuyasha.
Inuyasha faced Sesshomaru as he approached him. He was starting to crack his knuckles and giving off of a smirk to Sesshomaru. He gave a glare at him.
"So, you want to be the first to die?" Inuyasha asked evilly. Kagome was starting to become watery.
"Die in the hands of you?" Sesshomaru asked. "Don't make me laugh, Inuyasha. You may have the blood of a demon, but you do not own the strength of one. And you will never become a full demon."
Sesshomaru started to charge at Inuyasha. Inuyasha was doing the same thing. Inuyasha took his claws and aim straight towards Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru dodge them quickly. "As always, your too slow with your aiming."
Kagome just stood there, having a fist clutch to her heart. Hoping that soon, Inuyasha will return to his old self. But will he? What if he doesn't? she thought to herself.
"Kagome!" a voice shouted. Kagome gave a turn as Mirkou came over along with the other two. Sango and Shippo.
"Kagome you shouldn't be out here." Sango said.
She wasn't listening. Kagome just stood there, frozen. Thinking about Inuyasha. About of how his demon transformation is taking over him. All he will want to do now, is kill and kill until someone kills him. But she doesn't want that. She wanted his old self to return. But there was nothing in the world to make him stop.
Meanwhile, Inuyasha keeps on skirting at Sesshomaru as he tries and dodges every other stirke that is given to him. As Sesshomaru dodges, he takes out of what to be a greenish glow of a string coming from the tip of his fingers. He used it against Inuyasha, but it didn't work. Inuyasha used the Fire-rat Cloth that he has wearing, protecting him from it.
They both landed gracefully onto the ground. She wanted to go to him and make him stop of what he is doing. Before he gets himself into trouble. But it won't work.
Kagome started. "Kagome, no!" Mirkou shouted. She heard, but didn't stop. She kept on going.
"Kagome, what are you doing?" Sango asked. Again, she didn't stop or answer. Kagome just kept on walking towards him.
Her eyes were light and worried. Hoping that this will work. Out of the battle field, both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru looked at the girl who was coming their way.
"What a fool." Sesshomaru muttered to himself. "Does she really expect for him to listen to simple words?"
"Inuyasha?" Kagome asked softly. Inuyasha faced her. He backed an inch away from her. He gave out a little laugh.
"Heh. So you want it as well?" he asked as he cracked his knuckles again. "Fine by me."
She stood right in front of him. Smiling. "I know your in there, Inuyasha. So I'm going to ask you to do something for me okay?" Inuyasha settled a bit. Then; "Sit boy."
A glow around from the necklace that Inuyasha was wearing, glowed and made him hit the ground hard. A medium size hold was formed from his falling.
Inuyasha perked up his head as he glared at Kagome. "Kagome, will ya stop doing that?" he shouted at her.
"INUYASHA!" she shouted relieved. Kagome went to him, crying, leaning against him.
He was a bit confused. "Kagome, why are you crying? What's going on?"
Kagome looked at him. "You were in your demon form. I thought you were gone for good." she pleaded.
"Kagome." he muttered.
"Amazing. You were able to be reawaken by the voice of a human girl?" both of them looked up seeing as though Sesshomaru did not leave.
"Heh. Back for more?" Inuyasha asked with a smirk. He was about to grab his sword from his shevif when he notices that its not there. Instead on the other side of where they were standing.
Sesshomaru started to go after the Tetsusaiga then Inuyasha noticed of what he was about to do. There was no way for Sesshomaru to grasp the Tetsusaiga since it only allow Inuyasha to hold it.
"Iron Repper Soul Stealer!" Inuyasha shouted at Sesshomaru as his claws came at him. He was able to dodge it.
But then lost sight from grasping the Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha was near the Tetsusaiga once again as he grasp it. Sesshomaru just stood there, unsure of what to do now. Inuyasha hasn't been able to unleash the full power of the Tetsusaiga and yet, he is afraid of approaching him. Was it because of before, with his demon power?
"Inuyasha, please." Kagome begged next to him. She doesn't want to see him going into his demon form again. But knowing him, he won't listen.
Inuyasha glanced at her. Her eyes were starting to shake just by looking at him. "If I were you, Inuyasha." he was cut off guard. By Sesshomaru. "I would pay more attention with your battles then your friends."
He was able to block Sesshomaru's attack with the blade of the Tesusaiga. Inuyasha glanced towards where Kagome is standing. She was becoming more worried by the minute. With each battle that is happening between those two, its easy to say that, he might lose control again.
Sesshomaru backed away from him. Inuyasha glared at him. But then strangely, felt someone gripping onto his arm. He looked down seeing as though Kagome's tears were appearing.
"Please stop. Please." she mumbled. "I'm begging you. Please stop."
"Well it looks like our battle has come to an end for now, Inuyasha." Sesshomaru said as he was beginning to leave.
Inuyasha glimpsed at Sesshomaru but then glared down at Kagome. "Kagome, let go." she wouldn't. "Kagome."
"If I do, will you start to become a demon again?" she asked.
Inuyasha stopped resisting. He squinted his eyes at her. Is she that worried? he thought to himself.
He faced her, then he pulled her in. "I'm sorry, Kagome. I didn't mean to frighten you."
Kagome started to calm down. She hugged him back.
"My Lord, your just going to let them go?" the Imp name Jaken asked Sesshomaru.
Sesshomaru glanced back towards them. "Clearly. Once he has mastered the Tesusaiga, then I'll come back and steal it from him."
As they stood there, Inuyasha kept on thinking of how he must have acted to make Kagome so upset and worrried. But now he is back to normal thanks to her. How long will it last though? Does he still want to become a full demon if he is this terrifying? He just stood there, comforting her as she begins to settle down.
I have been wanting to do a Inuyasha story when he is in his demon form. But never could. He is fighting with Sesshomaru when he let lose of the Tetsusaiga.

Hope u enjoy InuKag fans. Or Inuyasha fans. ^__^
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koolkat42o Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
:heart: u know what i love about dis story?? do ya? its cauz it has all these little aspects that noone notices in the show its AWESOME :D :D :D :D :D
AnimeCouples1992 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2011   Traditional Artist
Thank u. ^_^
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