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As they walked down the street, Neji was beside Tenten, seeing as though most of Konoha was asleep by now. It was December, the first snow month. The snow was falling slowly and quietly. Tenten thought it was beautiful to see the snow fall. Although, Neji wasn't really paying any attention to the snow, he was more focused on Tenten.
Seeing the way she was smiling as the snow was falling, it made him give out a small grin. Tenten held out her hand waiting for a snowflake to land. It did. But it felt a bit cold to her for a minute. She didn't really noticed.
She looked next to her seeing as though, Neji was still with her all this time. Before, it was the four of them. Her, Neji, Rock Lee and Gai Sensei. Lee and Gai Sensei went off doing other things, leaving only her and Neji.
"Its beautiful, don't you think, Neji?" she asked. Tenten had to say something. It was getting a bit awkward to her now.
"Yeah, it is." he muttered.
They walked along bit more seeing as though they ended up on a bridge. The snow was falling a bit faster. It was starting to become heavier as well. Tenten glanced at Neji seeing as though he was looking out towards the scenery.
"You know, Neji, you don't have to stay with me. You can go home if you want too." she suggested kindly
Neji looked at her. Tenten felt her cheeks becoming warm. "I know. But won't you get lonely out here?"
She narrowed her eyes. "No. Not really. I mean, I don't mind being alone. But, I also don't mind your company neither."
"I see. I'm gald to hear that, Tenten." Neji said as he smiled.  
Although they have always been on the same team since they became, ninjas, they never actually had any tme like this to them selves before. The only time when they were alone was whenever they had a mission.
Seeing as Neji is now, Tenten knew he was different from the rest. Even though everyone has always considered him, the Genius of the Huyga clan, she never really given that thought about him like that. All she sees is a great guy and a great ninja.
Even though there were times when she felt useless to the team. The only thing she is really good at is throwing weapons and not having any special kind of power like he does.
"Neji, there's something I want to ask you." she was hesitating on her part. Tenten came towards the railing of the bridge as she leaned over. Looking down at the stream. Neji looked at her. He noticed that she was upset about something. "Am I useful?"
It was hard for her to ask him that. Neji kept on looking at her. Seeing her eyes like this, she must be really confused. "What are you talking about, Tenten? Of course your useful." he said.
"Its just that, when I see you and Lee, and even Gai Sensei fighting, I just can't do much. I'm no good at Ninjutsu or even Genjutsu, or Tai..."
Suddenly, she was cut off. Tenten was pulled into Neji's arms. She looked at him in a concerned way. She must not be making any sense to him.
"Don't say those things, Tenten." he muttered. "You are useful in your own way."  
"Neji..." she couldn't say anything else. She must have made him upset just by listening to the things she was telling him. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ruin the evening for us."
Neji let go of her and smiled. Seeing as though she probably has always felt this way. Even though she never really opened up to anyone. But too him.
"Its alright. The best part of this evening was spending time with you."
"Neji." She smiled. Tenten has always felt something different whenever she is around with Neji, she just hasn't noticed it before.
But being here with him, in the middle of the night, on a bridge, it has changed her completely about him. Even if it was hidden away she knew she would found it eventually.
I wanted to do something for these two. And sense of what happened last week in the manga, its just the feeling of having to do so.
I was trying to make it sound more in a Christmas tune. But I think its good as it can get. ^^;
Anyway, hope you like. Enjoy. :la:
NejiTen-Masashi Kishimoto.
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oooh soo sweet story for neji and tenten :-)

rip neji : we miss you
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