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April 16, 2011
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      How could he be so blind? Leaving her and the others all alone just for him to see if Kikyo was still alive? He should have known better to not leave them alone. Inuyasha hurried back towards where he last saw his friends. They weren't there as soon as he was there. Naraku probably wanted to use Kagome so that he could find the Jewel Shards. Inuyasha had to hurry. And hope that he wasn't too late.

      Kagome, Sango, Mirkou and Shippo were caputered by a bounch of soliders from a village near by. Little do they know that, the Wind Sorcereress, Kagura was inside with The Infant in her arms. The Infant was smiling evily as he was looking at Kagome, who was worrying. It was perfect for him to led Inuyasha away from the girl and having her human friends being around her.
      "Kagura," Kagura looked at him. "We better get ready. Before he returns." he demanded.
       Why you- Kagura thought to herself.
       "If I were you, Kagura, I would watch of what I would say." The Infant warned. "Cause you never know of what might just happens."
"Of course." Kagura muttered unpleased. She can't believe that she has to take orders from him. On the other hand, if she doesn't, then she would certainly be killed.
Outside, Kagome was getting worried about Inuyasha. It has been hours since he left, and still no word from him. Suddenly, a few soilders were coming near where Kagome and the others were.
"I wonder what's going on." Mirkou whispered next to Kagome.
"Don't know." she said softly. If only Inuyasha were here, then she wouldn't be so afraid.
"Young girl," one of the soliders addressed to Kagome. Kagome looked at them. "Our Master wants you."
They gripped onto her arm as they began to drag her towarrds the castle. The others tried to get through, but the soilders that stayed there, pushed them back. "Its alright. I'll be fine." Kagome shouted at them.
The soilders and Kagome entered into the castle as they let lose of her. They stepped outside. Kagome looked around seeing as though the room was dark and almost empty. She wonders if Inuyasha would ever come. Like he always do. Then suddenly, someone was coming towards her way. She was starttled for a minute.
Then appeared out of the shadows, was Kagura with the Infant. Kagome's eyes began to widen with worry. "Kagura...wh-what are you doing here?"
The Infant gave a light chuckle. "Foolish girl. Soon you will belong to me."
"Huh?" Kagome asked confused.
He looked at Kagura. "Do it."
Kagura started to walk towards Kagome. Right before she was able to touch Kagome, she dashed out of her way on the other side of the room. Kagome had no idea of what was happening, but she had a strong feeling that the Infant wanted her.
"Itsn't odd, that Inuyasha isn't here to protect you?" The Infant began with a smile.
Kagome narrowed her eyes. She knew why he wasn't here. It was becuase he wanted to know if Kikyo was alive or not. Was it true that he still have feelings for him even though she might be alive?
"He's not here be-"
"I know why he isn't here. So you can't fool me, Kagome." The Infant said. "He wants to know weither or not if Kikyo is still alive. Am I right?" she didn't answer. "So that must be it. Your jealous about having Kikyo in the way aren't you? I can help you, if you let me."
Kagome glared at him. "I don't think so. You were born from Naraku which means you probably still have the same hatered as he does towards Kikyou."
"But aren't you always tired of him running to Kikyo or having him being around with Kikyo? I know I would." he said as he gave a smirk. "Kagura."  
Kagome was frozen. She couldn't move. She was caught up in thinking about how Inuyasha was being with Kikyo right now. She felt her heart becoming more unpure. Her heart was beginning to fill up with darkness and hatered. The more that Kagome thinks about Kikyo, the more hartered her heart fills...
Outside, the others was beginning to worry about Kagome. She has been in the castle for a long time now. Somehow, Mirkou is getting this unease feeling that something is seriously wrong.
"I'm getting worried about Kagome." Shippo said as he was standing next to Mirkou.
       "Mirkou, can you feel that?" Sango asked as she took a step up.
He gave a nod. "Yes I can. Something or someone is hiding inside that castle."
"Could it be the Infant? Or maybe possibly Naraku?"
"I'm not sure. But it feels that way." Mirkou muttered.
Kagome was starting to feel weak, very weak. And sleepy. She felt as though she was parazlyed. Kagura started to walk towards her having the Infant in her hands. Kagura held out the Infant to Kagome and she took it without any hestiation. As The Infant was filling her heart with darkness and hatered, Kagura took out a sngle Shard from the Jewel as she held it up.
Naraku wanted them put the Shard into Kagome. So that she could become his servant whenever he needs to hunt the Shikon Jewel.
"Now Kagura. I don't know of how long I can keep up." The Infant demanded. Kagura gave a nod.
Outside, Inuyasha was able to arrive at the village where his friends are. He can smell Kagome's scent. He entered at the gates. There he saw his friends being held captive.
"Mikrou, Sango, Shippo!" he shouted.
The three turned around, as well as the soilders, seeing as though Inuyasha made it in time. "Hault!" the soilders shouted as they approched Inuyasha. He stopped as he was told. Inuyasha glanced around seeing as though there was one missing.
"Mirkou, where's Kagome?" Inuyasha asked Mirkou.
"She's inside of the castle." he explained. "The soilders of the village took her inside and she hasn't come out since then."
Kagome. please be safe. Inuyasha thought to himself.
Back inside, Kagome wasn't becoming herself anymore. As she keeps on holding the Infant in her arms, more darker her heart gets. Kagura came up too her, having the shard out about ready to place it into her forehead. As she makes her way towards Kagome, she held out the Jewel and about to place it into Kagome. But then strangely, Kagura stopped.
The Infant glared at her. "What are you waiting for, Kagura?" he demanded, getting impatient.  
"This girl, she wont' let me come near her." Kagura tried to explain.  
He looked at Kagome. Her eyes weren't colored anymore. He glared at the girl. "You still have feeling for him don't you?" nothing. "That has to be it. And why we can't get near you."
"Its true," Kagome mumbled. Kagura looked at her. "Its true that I still do have feeling for Inuyasha."
"But don't you feel left out whenever he goes and sees Kikyo? Don't you wish she would just disappear so that you could have him all to yourself?" he was taunting her. Making her of losing the feelings.
She didn't answer right away. "I do. But no matter how much I want that to come true, I know I just can't ask him to forget about her. I just can't. Cause I know, deep down, there are things that I can't have him forget." a tear was slipping away. The Infant glimpsed at her. "Cause...I-I LOVE INUYASHA!"
"Kagome!" the wall that was behind them, smashed into peices as he made his way to catch her.
The Infant glared at him as he was thrown out of her hands. "Inuyasha....I knew you would come." she said as she was about to faint.
Right before she hit the ground, Inuyasha was able to catch her. He shook her. "Kagome, can you hear me?" he asked. He glared at the Infant and Kagura. "You bastard, what did you do to Kagome?"
The Infant gave a chuckle. "Oh Inuyasha, how blind you are to the truth. Clearly, Narkau's main plan was to use this girl so that he could find the Shards of the Jewel. But unforchantly, it was a failed mission. Luckly, the Shard didn't go into her. Cause she still have feelings for you."
Suddenly, the castle was starting to go down. Inuyasha grab Kagome, and dashed out of the clasp castle before it crushed them. As they left, Kagura took the Infant as he looked down. He knows he couldn't get near Kagome because she has the exact same powers as Kikyo. But soon he will.
Inuyasha held Kagome in his arms, looking sad. He left her alone with the Infant and Kagura. He should have known not to do that. Kagome was still out.
"Inuyasha." Mirkou said as he came to him. "Is she alright?"
Inuyasha gave a nod. "Yeah. She's just asleep."
"Well we better get her to Lady Kaede." Mirkou suggested.
Then they left.

After the treatment, which Lady Kaede gave to Kagome, she was on a hill top, having her eyes narrowed. Now that she thinks about it, she was a little upset that Inuyasha didn't return in time before it got The Infant and Kagura was able to have hold of her.
Inuyasha was behind her, feeling unease about coming near her. He knows that she is upset with him about seeing Kikyo again. He took a couple steps in front of him. Then he walked towards her. He sat down beside her but she didn't look at him.
"Kagome I-" he coudln't start. "Kagome, are you mad?"
She faced him. Her eyes were soft and yet, broken. "I'm not mad. Just annoyed. Annoyed that you went to see if she was alive."
He narrowed his eyes. "Well, if it helps, I couldn't find her. She wasn't there at all. It was a trap to lour me out of the way. So that the Infant could get to you."
"And he almost did." she muttered. "Kagura almost planted a Jewel Shard into me. I could have been with them by now, if it wasn't for you."  
His eyes widen by those words. "I promise that I won't leave you, Kagome."
She gave a light glare. "Lier." she muttered.
"No I'm not." he shouted.
"Yes you are. The next time when you leave, to see her, I'll be annoyed. But I'm okay with that." Kagome admitted.
"Kagome." he whispered.
Kagome closed her eyes and leaned against him. I can't make him forget her. I know that. But still, I just want him to be happy.
Inuyasha gave a smile. Thank you Kagome. He thought to himself. The rest of the afternoon, they both stayed outside, having each other in their arms.
Here's another short story. I believe it is with one of the episodes (Forget which one). When the Infant is trying to take control of Kagome.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it. ^__^ I've been waiting to do this version for a while now.
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