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Chapter 3

  The sun was shinning through the window as I began to open my eyes. I sat up straight from the bed as I gave a light yawn. It was so bright, from my window, that I couldn't look outside of it. Even though I can hear the birds chirping. I moved my hand to the edge of my desk as I began to move out of my bed slowly.
Then something caught my attention. It was the box that kept the beast part under control. I squinted my eyes. Eyes. Like the ones I saw before.
  The past is the past. I gripped onto the box as I got up, got dress and slipped the box into my coat pocket.
I walked down the hall until I gotten to the headmaster's office. Just when I was about to enter, someone was leaning against the wall, having a foot up against the wall and was puffing away with a cigarette.
"Morning, dumb student." he muttered.
I glanced at him. "Are you always this cheerful in the morning?" I asked him, in a smart tone.
"Eh. You're the one to talk. It's been days since then and don't think I don't know."
I narrowed my eyes. "Heh. I don't know what you're talking about." I mumbled. He should really stop concerning himself with me.
"Please. Even that crazy old Headmaster knows." he took out his cigarette. "We both know."
"If you're, wondering that badly, nothing happened. We didn't see each other for very long." there was nothing else to tell him.
  "Huh." he started walking my way. I kept my eyes away. His hand begins to rub my head. "You are really a dumb student, you know that, don't you?"
  I glared at him. "I couldn't." I mumbled through my lips. I knew he was giving me that look. "She was standing right in front of me and I was holding the gun at her. But it didn't go off."
  He gave out a sigh. "Don't be so modest. You always get yourself into trouble when you act like that."
I squinted my eyes. "I made her a promise though." I muttered. "Right before when she left. I told her that I won't stop hunting her or that man. But when I saw her, everything changed. As if I still believe that the old her is still inside of her."
I wanted to forget. Forget about everything that has happened up to this point. But somehow, I can't. Her appearance, it was different. Yet, her eyes, somehow, they were the same. She is a Pureblood. A beast in human form who likes to take human lives.I have always told myself that I would make sure that wouldn't happened, but I couldn't kept my promise to her.
I started to walk towards the door. "Don't go and do anything too stupid." I glanced at him. "If you get out of control, I won't be able to have a choice."
A chuckle slipped out. "Save your breath. I know better then go off and doing something like that. I'm not like how I was before."
I could hear Yagari giving out a chuckle as well, right before I shouted the door, I gave a grin.
"Ah, Zero. So you were able to come.I'm glad." the Headmaster said as he looked over his shoulder. Looking at me.
"Its not like I have much of a choice." I muttered.
"I have heard of what happened the other day, Zero." he started.
I glanced at him. "I already know."
"Really? Who told you?"
"Yagari. Just now."
"Oh curse that Yagari. I should have known that he wouldn't be able to keep a secret." he mumbled disappointed.
I just stared at him. Of course he would act this way. "You wanted to see me about something?" I changed the subject.
He looked at me. "Ah yes," he came back from the window, as he grab something out from the desk. "Another one from them." he explained.
I squinted my eyes as I took it. I skimmed it quickly. "They couldn't get someone else to do it?"
He shook his head. "I told them not to let you get involved, but I guest they have their reasons for doing this. It looks like you don't have any saying in the matter, Zero."
I felt my fingers beginning to squeeze onto the piece of paper, on the edge, then I released it. I always remind myself of why I am doing this. To get close to them.
She said that she hasn't forgotten about it. About the promise. The promise which I won't stop hunting her and she will not stop running away. It seemed so long ago. But it hasn't.
"Fine." I mumbled annoyed. I wonder if I will see her again. I looked up, seeing as though he has been staring at me the whole time. "I'm going." I began to walk out.
"Zero. Don't do anything hasty." he reminded. I squinted my eyes harder as my hand was on the knob, almost squeezing. "Don't go off and do what you want to do. You very well know that you have to follow the orders that the Hunter Society gives you. Cause if you don't..."
"I know," I jumped. "I know that half of the that place doesn't like it that I am part of them because I am a vampire right? And that if I make one wrong move, its over."
"Yes. They are keeping an closer eye on you this time around, Zero. It seems as though their impatient is getting less short with you." he explained.
"I'm aware of that But still...I just can't sit by and do nothing while a bunch of beasts in human form are walking around freely." my hand started to grip harder onto the knob. There was no way for me to pass this.
He gave out a sigh. "I understand."  
I glanced at him seeing as though he was giving that soft-stare look as a smiled appeared. I gave a nod as the door opened and I stepped out of the Headmaster's room.
A light grin appeared before I even knew it. I don't know why though. Those eyes, that look, I can't erase it. Every time, when I opened mines, I would see a pear of worried eyes looking at me. I wish I could forget. So that the pain would stop. But I can't.
The promise has to be real. So that she would never have to stop running from me and I won't stop chasing them.
Here is part 9 of my Winter Destiny story.
Hope you like. Enjoy. :la:
Characters-Matsuri Hino.
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