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August 1, 2011
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      The night came as I was making my way towards the main building to use the private bathroom since mines closes at dusk. Just when I came to the door, I noticed that there was a towel outside on the knob saying that Yuki was using it as well. I didn't even bother, so I went towards the sofa, lying down and having my arm over my eyes. Somehow, everyone keeps on thinking that I killed her. Even If I wanted too, I knew I couldn't.
But somehow, she was already dead when I got to the room. Where Ichiru had her in his arms looking at me with those hatred eyes of his. I wanted to kill her badly. And yet, the opportunity slipped away from my figures. I couldn't even pull or squeezed my hand that was around her neck. Or that, I had a gun pointing at her, I just couldn't do it for some reason.
I was just glad, that, there was no harm to Yuki. Cause if there was, and if she was really a vampire, then, I wouldn't know what to do. I don't want her to become a vampire at all. I want her to be safe and happy. But even I can't give her that. No matter how hard I tried.
"You wanted to kill me didn't you?" I woke up, seeing as though I was in a pit of darkness. Was this a dream? There in front of me, was Shizuka. The woman who turned my world into darkness. "What will you do now? Now that, your vampire of sins is done?"
Then suddenly, I was seeing things. Blood stains on my palms. I was beginning to shake in fear. I looked back up and saw someone that wasn't Shizuka. But someone who I cared for that was covered in her own blood. Yuki had a signal tear slipping from her eye. As if she was crying for my sake. Then before I knew it, she started to clappse. I hurried towards her to catch her before she was able to hit the ground...
"Yuki?!" I shouted as I jolted up into the air.
"Zero?" she sounded as if she was confused. I covered my face with my hand as her voice came through me.
"Yuki!" I came to her, hugging her. I was scared. I thought, I thought that... "I thought that I killed you!"
"Zero?!" she pushed me away a bit. As both of her soft hands clapped onto my cheeks. I could feel my eyes shaking with fear from my nightmare. "Zero, are you alright?"
I started to relax a bit then realized it was a dream and nothing more. I squinted my eyes a bit. "Yeah..."
"Good. I'm glad." she muttered as she smiled for me.
These gentle hands, I wanted them. This gentle smile of hers, I wanted her to be happy and not live in the world of darkness. Suddenly, I didn't know what I was doing.
I felt as though my body was moving towards her. Towards her lips. I went to her as I placed a hand onto one of hers and on the side of her cheek. I wanted to be with her so badly that I would do anything to protect her and have her laugh again.
Then, I realized of what I was doing. I stopped as I was an inch away from those lips. I sat my head against her shoulder, as my heart pounded. I wanted to be her shield. Not because someone is forcing me too, but because I wanted to be it.
"Sorry. Its nothing. It was just a simple bad dream." I muttered as my head was still against her shoulder.
I knew she must be confused by now and so am I. But somehow, I was being told that, I was doing the right thing. But to tell you the truth, I'm not sure if I was doing the right thing...
Here's a Zeki short love story. I know I always say that I have a moment between them, but this one is my absolute favorite from them. <3

I only did this part of the episode. ^^ I know its not exact, but I hope you like this one. ^^

Enjoy this short, short, story. ^_^
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